Epsilon Composite
Spreading out the use of carbon fibre
Epsilon Industries
Carbon Pultrusion and finished parts for industrial markets, our core business since 1987
Epsilon Rollers
Technical Rollers and shafts for converting industries, since 2004
Mass series in carbon pultrusion for Energy markets
Epsilon Aerospace
Carbon struts & profiles for Aerospace applications


  • Epsilon Composite two times rewarded at “l’Eco Néo-Aquitains

    11/12/17 - Sud Ouest
    December 5th, the 11th edition of “Néo-Aquitains” challenge took place in Bordeaux.
    Both export and main prizes have been taken by Epsilon Composite.

    Stéphane Lull – the company’s CEO – See more

  • Epsilon Composite rewarded as Plastic processor of the year!

    27/11/17 - Plastiques & Caoutchoucs Magazine
    Last November 14th Plastiques & Caoutchoucs Magazine held "Plasturgie et Composites 4.0 conference in Paris.
    Four prizes were awarded and Epsilon Composites won in the “International Development” See more
    => Read the article

  • Epsilon Composite at Wind Europe 2017 - Amsterdam

    24/10/17 -
    Second chance to discover => Epsilon Composite latest technological breakthroughs for wind industry.

    Next See more

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